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RV Inspector Pro provides thorough, professional RV inspections, for purchasers, sellers, banks, finance companies, insurance companies, attorneys, and more. Our services include everything from routine life-safety inspections of your RV, to detailed inspections of all parts of a motorhome or towable RV, for new purchasers.

Additional services include fluid tests and navigable 360 degree interior photography of your motorhome or towable RV, viewable on Facebook, YouTube, and other sources.

RV Inspector Pro is located in Katy, Texas and we service all of Houston, Texas and the surrounding area.

An RV is not only a major purchase, but it’s a very complex device. For that reason, even if you’ve been RVing for 20 years, when you buy an RV, you need to have it inspected by a professional RV inspector, who has the tools and the knowledge to use those tools. There’s a lot more to an RV than what you see on the surface and you need to know all about what you’re getting – not just about what’s on the surface.

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NRVIA Certified Level 2 RV Inspectors are trained to spot indicators that might point to hidden problems. But at RV Inspector Pro, we take your inspection a step further. One of the first things we do is walk through the coach, with a thermal imaging camera, to search for signs of moisture, air leaks, and other potential hidden problems. If the RV we are inspecting is a late model motorhome, then we plug into the on-board diagnostic (OBD) computer, to look for past errors that may not have been reported, by the seller.

Let RV Inspector Pro give you the peace of mind of knowing the details about your prospective RV purchase or even about a coach you already own, that aren’t visible to the untrained eye.

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About RV Inspector Pro

RV Inspector Pro is your choice for really thorough motorhome and towable RV Inspections.

John Gaver - owner of RV Inspector ProMy name is John Gaver,
The original “RV Inspector Pro”.

When I began my RV inspection business, in 2017, I was the only full-time NRVIA certified RV inspector in Houston and the surrounding area, servicing areas as far away as College Station, Nacagdoches, League City, and New Iberia, LA. I remained the only RV inspector in the area for about a year.

Then, while I was inspecting a coach for a client, I met a gentleman, who seemed to want to know everything about RVs. Reese Carter was the owner of the coach I was inspecting and he was amazed at my knowledge of RVs. He followed me around all day, trying to pick my brain. I’ve had clients follow me around asking questions, but Reese was like a puppy dog, interested in every little thing I was doing. So I told him about NRVIA (National RV Inspectors Association) and gave him information on how to contact the NRVIA for training and certification.

A couple of months later, Reese called me, to tell me that he had just passed his Level 2 NRVIA certification. However, he told me that he was disappointed that they did not discuss the use of certain tools that he saw me using, when I inspected his coach and he wanted to know more about them. Of course, I was glad to explain their use. But my point is that Reese never seems to be satisfied with what he knows. He always wants to know more.

Since that time, Reese has become an RV tech, a Cummins tech, and an RV dealer, among other accomplishments. He never stops learning and is the hardest working person I have ever known… well, except for me, when I was his age.

But then, in 2022, I decided to retire to Panamá. However, I didn’t want to risk the good name I had built for RV Inspector Pro. I wanted someone who would take it over and continue to advance the good reputation of RV Inspector Pro. There was only one RV inspector that I considered to be 100% worthy of that trust and that was Reese Carter. I didn’t even offer it to anyone else. Reese is almost as obsessive compulsive at me. Well. we’re not all that OCD. But we both admire Adrian Monk. 😂

Actually, what I’m getting at is that I believe that Reese Carter is one of the most thorough persons I’ve ever worked with. Of course, the most important quality of an RV Inspector is that he be thorough. That’s why I am proud to introduce to you, Reese Carter, The NEW “RV Inspector Pro”.

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There are few people in the world who are blessed with my level of Obsessive Compulsive Prowess (OCP, not OCD). Don’t be misled. Obsessive Compulsive is not a disorder, to be cured. It’s a gift, to be nourished and developed. OK. All kidding aside, you really need an RV/motorhome inspector whose nature is to examine every little detail and one who has the experience to understand all the nuances of what he’s seeing. I truly believe that Reese is that man.

Moreover, as I mentioned above, Reese wanted to learn about all of the special tools that I use, even though the use of most of them were not taught at NRVIA (probably because of the extra time it takes to teach the nuances of using each of those tools). For example, in class, we were taught that a through-the-wall moisture meter can lie to you and it can. But I taught Reese how to use a thermal camera, together with a non-contact moisture meter, to confirm or disprove the existence of moisture behind a wall or under a floor. So, although both tools, when used separately, can lie to you, when both tools are used together and used with knowledge of how to interpret what you are seeing, you can form an accurate picture of what moisture may be behind a wall or under a floor.

Today, Reese comfortably uses several high-end tools that give him an accurate insight to an RV that many other RV inspectors may overlook, because they are not comfortable with the use of those tools. I’m talking about tools like two types of moisture meters (contact and non-contact), a FLIR (thermal) camera, a borescope (camera for seeing inside and behind items), and an OBD2 and HD-OBD code reader (for reading engine codes on newer small and large motorhomes). In fact, with his Cummins certification, Reese will even be able to read Cummins-specific error codes that are not available to generic OBD readers.

Since you’ve read this far, it’s quite likely that you are in need of a Certified Professional RV Inspector. So give Reese Carter, The NEW “RV Inspector Pro”, a call now, at 713-819-6000 or fill out our contact form. You’ll be glad you did.

We accept all major credit cards, as well as contactless payment from wireless devices.
Forms of payment accepted by RV Inspector Pro


RV Inspector Pro performs a wide variety of inspection services and photographic services. These services include:

The most common inspections are the Pre-Purchase/Pre-Sale inspections. (Yes. You should have have your RV inspected before you put it up for sale, so you will know what the buyer’s inspector is going to find and resolve any issues you choose, ahead of time.) For pre-purchase/pre-sale inspections, we provide a single fluid test (generally motor oil). Fluid tests for other fluids may be added on to the inspection, as an additional service. Each type of inspection includes a detailed PDF (printable) report, emailed to your inbox, including photos of issues or points of interest discussed in the report.

Call RV Inspector Pro Now at 713-819-6000.Please note that an RV inspection is not a guarantee of any kind. It is an observation of the current state of the RV or parts of the RV that we were able to access, at the time of inspection. We use tools such as a thermal camera, two types of moisture meters, a volt-ohm meter (VOM), a  clamp-on amp meter, a manometer, small and large inspection mirrors, and a bore-scope inspection camera, to determine as much as possible about the RV, without disassembling anything.

It’s important to note that inspecting motorhomes is a special case that requires special knowledge and tools, beyond what is required for the inspection of a towable RV. Follow this link to learn more about our motorhome specific inspections.

So while no guarantee is made that we will find every problem, a professional RV inspection will provide you with a higher level of comfort concerning the actual condition of the RV in question, than you might otherwise achieve. Also note that, under the NRVIA “Code of Ethics” and “Standards of Practice“, we are not able to make a purchase recommendation, based on our inspection. We report in significant detail, what we find, including many descriptive photos. But we are not allowed to form an opinion of the coach in question.

RV Inspector Pro also provides Specialized Inspections for Lending Institutions, Insurance Companies, and Third-Party Warranty Companies. These inspections serve to inform the company that the RV in question, exists and is in a condition that would justify their risk. Such inspections may be tailored to the needs of the company.

The best way to know what’s going on inside an engine or transmission, short of disassembling it, is to run a Fluids Analysis on each of the fluids that circulate throughout the mechanism. These tests require that about three ounces of the relevant fluid(s) be drawn and sent to a laboratory that specializes in such analysis. The lab will analyze the chemical composition of the fluid and issue a detailed report on the fluid composition, along with a plain English explanation of what each finding represents. There are up to five fluids that may be analyzed in motorized RVs. RV Inspector Pro provides one fluid analysis with each inspection. But we do offer a full spectrum of fluid analysis, as an add-on to your RV inspection.

We can also provide navigable 360 Degree interior still photos of the RV in question or a navigable 360 Degree video walk-thru of the interior of the RV. The 360 photos/videos can be posted and viewed on Facebook, YouTube, and other sites that support 360 Degree Viewing. These 360 Degree images are a great tool for those who are selling a motorhome. But they’re also a great way to show friends and family, who are far away, how your RV looks, as though they were there. As a side note, these 360 Degree photos and videos can also be viewed, using Virtual Reality goggles, such as Google Cardboard. If you have not seen a 360 Degree image, the click here, to see what it is. You will be amazed.

Call RV Inspector Pro now, at 713-819-6000 or contact us by email, for more details on our services.

We accept all major credit cards, as well as contactless payment from wireless devices.
Forms of payment accepted by RV Inspector Pro

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Almost as good as a phone call, is to contact us through this form. But keep in mind that when we are busy doing an inspection, the inspection comes first, so we only check email but a few times a day. However, if you send this form, we should get back to you by the end of the day or sooner.

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    We accept all major credit cards, as well as contactless payment from wireless devices.
    Forms of payment accepted by RV Inspector Pro


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