Motorhome Inspections

A motorhome is not just an RV with an engine. It’s a whole lot more. That means that to properly inspect a motorhome, the inspector will need a lot more tools and specialized knowledge.

The differences between a motorhome and a towable are far more than just having an engine and transmission. For example, almost all motorhomes have a generator – something that is found on very few towables. This means that in the basement of the motorhome, you will also have a whole bank of deep-cycle batteries, along with an inverter/charger and transfer switch. The integration of the three separate electrical systems in most motorhomes is far more complex than what is required in a towable. Then consider that a motorhome has a windshield, which means it has windshield wipers and washers. There are also headlights, a host of dashboard electronics, power driver and passenger seats, power door steps, and possibly a hydronic heater (AquaHot or Oasis). But that’s just the beginning.

At RV Inspector Pro, we specialize in inspecting motorhomes. Some RV inspectors are intimidated by motorhomes, especially the big busses. But at RV Inspector Pro, motorhome inspections are our forté, from stealth sprinter vans to 45 foot class ‘A’ motorhomes. We not only have specialized motorhome knowledge, but we carry the tools to insure that you get the highest quality motorhome inspection. From taller ladders, to reach the top of the big class ‘A’ motorhomes, to OBD code readers, for reading engine check codes, we have the tools and the knowledge to use them.

Call RV Inspector Pro Now at 713-819-6000.RV Inspector Pro also provides one complimentary laboratory fluid analysis, for all motorhome inspections. Additional fluid analysis samples may be purchased separately.

Unless the client has requested otherwise, the complimentary fluid analysis is typically engine oil. However, should the inspector observe an issue, which suggests that another fluid may be inadequate and the client has not requested a particular fluid be sampled, he may chose to sample the suspect fluid, instead. The five primary fluids in a motorhome are engine oil, engine coolant, generator oil, generator coolant, and transmission fluid. It is strongly advised that all five fluids be analyzed, before purchasing any motorhome.

Call 713-819-6000 now, to learn more about our motorhome-specific services.

What this all boils down to is, if you are looking for someone to inspect a motorhome, you need an inspector who really knows motorhomes and has the tools to provide you with the most complete motorhome inspection. RV Inspector Pro is that company.

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