RV Inspector Pro is your choice for really thorough RV Inspections.

My name is John Gaver,
“The RV Inspector Pro”.

Although I spent most of my career as a manager/director, in the IT industry, my degree says I’m an engineer. I helped pay for my degree in electronics by being a motorcycle mechanic. I have also rebuilt automobile engines, on my own and have even helped balance an engine. In the US Navy, I worked in the machine shop (running lathes, milling machines, shapers, etc.). Later on, when running large IT departments I was required to learn all about HVAC (High Volume Air Conditioning) systems.

But the thing that most qualifies me to be your Professional RV Inspector is that I’m obsessive compulsive… OK, not really…

But I do admire Adrian Monk. 😂

Actually, what I’m getting at is that those who have worked with me say that I’m the most thorough person they’ve ever worked with. Of course, the most important quality of an RV Inspector is that he be thorough.

There are few people in the world who are blessed with my level of Obsessive Compulsive Prowess (OCP, not OCD). Don’t be misled. Obsessive Compulsive is not a disorder, to be cured. It’s a gift, to be nourished and developed. OK. All kidding aside, you really need an RV Inspector whose nature is to examine every little detail and one who has the experience to understand all the nuances of what he’s seeing.

Moreover, my lifelong obsession with collecting tools and gadgets means that I’ll bring the latest and greatest tools to your RV inspection. Many of these are tools that most people will not have in their tool box. For example, the tools I bring to an inspection include two types of moisture meters (contact and non-contact), a FLIR (thermal) camera, a manometer (gas pressure gauge), a borescope (camera for seeing inside and behind items), an OBD2 and HD-OBD code reader (for reading engine codes on newer small and large coaches) and both large and small inspection mirrors.

Since you’ve read this far, it’s quite likely that you are in need of a Certified Professional RV Inspector. So give John Gaver a call now, at 713-253-1723 or fill out our contact form.